Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Coolest HK Movies You Have Never Seen. Part 1


Sporting one of the best alternative titles I have ever seen, CRAZY LESBIAN WOODCHOPPER, is, alas, only a fan-made moniker. The actual film is a slow, slow, CAT III burner from 1995 called TWO GIRLS FACED. The film does get a touch nutty, it does have some lady lovers, and there is an axe or two in the proceedings to ring true it's silly aka title. Clocking in at just under 80 minutes, incorporating HK type mayhem (as you can see in the vid above), and adding some bump and grind, TWO GIRLS FACED is instantly fan friendly. The only notable faces in this fun mess are Alvina Kong Yan-yin and the always nasty delight, William Ho Ka-kui.


NOBODY'S HERO is Hong Kong's most direct answer to Scorcese's TAXI DRIVER. Possessing similar stories and desperate performances by the respective leads, NOBODY'S HERO proves that a hero ain't nuttin' but a sandwich. NOBODY'S HERO is at times sweet and playful, eventually careening out of control, before spiraling downward into one of the most shocking and effective ultra violence climaxes put to HK celluloid. A true visceral experience and not only the coolest but one of the BEST HK films you have never seen. Liu Wai-hung, who is more of a comedic presence in films, is totally transformed by films end into a sympathetic vigilante. I also posted this on my FB page, this video reminding me of a bit of Travis Bickle dialogue from Taxi Driver, "Listen, you f**kers, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up against the scum, the c**ts, the dogs, the filth, the shit. Here is a man who stood up." Also look for a vicious performance by Sunny Fang Kang. What a scumbag!


I have mentioned this beautiful gem a few times before, once giving you guys a gander at my poster and again blabbering and stuttering my way through a review on the first episode of This Week in Sleaze. Another wonderful title is not wasted as kick-buns HK copper Michicko Nishiwaki and happy hooker Julia Cheng Yim-lai befriend each other and fight their way through baddie henchmen in order to uncover some dirty deeds done by villain, Charlie Cho Cha-lee. It's a jumpy CAT III action romp that is a touch rare and will scratch you right where you itch. Though I'm really not sure where you guys are itchin'? But Charlie Cho will gladly rub some lotion on your troubled area for you. He really cares.


I have a bunch of hidden HK gems that I'm hoping to post here in this short video form. Keeping it simple and stupid. Quick, easy....and fun! Some you may have seen or just heard of and some you might have no clue about? These will be the COOLEST HK movies you have never seen. Promise.


  1. A good idea Kingwho? The only problem is getting hold of any of them now!

  2. I'll second Nobody's Hero (nice drill-work), but will err on the side of caution with Whore & Policewoman. I must be in the I've two out of three (even still have one on VHS). ;)

  3. AHND, seek and ye shall find. You are definately right that it's extremely difficult to get a hold of legit copies of any of these now. The video I used for TWO WOMEN FACED is from a torrent but I was able to find the vcd years ago on Ebay. Same goes for WHORE AND POLICEWOMAN. You really have to troll around Ebay almost everyday to find a legit copy of these films. It's almost a full time job doing so! NOBODY'S HERO I only have in dvd-r. A freind of mine was nice enough to make a copy for me. Also, social networking, like Facebook and even this blog, has really payed off. I have met a ton of people that have sold me/copied me rare and OOP titles and I have done the same for them. It's quite a rewarding network. If you don't mind copies, I will be more than happy to run off some for you =)

    As a 'collector' of sorts I of course would prefer to have legit copies in any of the 4 major formats (vcd, vhs, Ld, dvd). But as my interest mostly lies in the golden era obscurities I have had to swallow my pride and turn to alternative sources like dvd-r's, downloads, and torrents. It's these ways or the higway until I find the legit copies. And, though it was tough for me at first to start downloading, it has been very fruitful. And, I should mention, I do have some ethics. I only download OOP and hard to find titles. Never easy to find or newe movies. they are readily available so i will pay to play. Until I find the legit copies,though, the alternative means will and do have to suffice.

    MC, isn't Nobody's Hero a goodie? It was on my radar since I started watching Hk films but was just unavailable. I have watched it twice since getting a copy last year. Whore and Policewoman is also a fun one. Michiko Nishiwaki and Julia Cheng are really good together in this 'MIDNIGHT RUN'-like film. And you had me at VHS! I just got a bunch of hard to find VHS today. I will post soon.

  4. As you have already seen I was prepping a post on this kind of subject, its very cool of you to offer and one I may just take you up on if you are sure you don't mind. Thanks Kingwho?

  5. It's no problem, AHND. Let me know what you might be interested in and I will see if I can copy a disc for you. If I can't copy to a disc I can copy to flash drive and send it to you....providing you send it back?! hahaha

  6. Guys, if a movie is out of print, I don't think there's anything wrong with uploading and sharing the reference so others can enjoy it, too. Let's keep these wonderful films alive!


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