Friday, April 8, 2011

Do it for Japan!

Hey ya'll! I'm really happy to hit you guys up with a special podcast that I was invited to be on by Ken and Stoo from the Podcast On Fire Network. After the devastation in Japan a few weeks back, the fine folks over at the POF Network immediately decided to record a benefit p-cast for Japan's relief. And it's finally here! And it's a 3+ hour corker! The first 40 or so minutes is just me, Ken, and Stoo bs-ing and going over some of our last movies watched, followed by Coffin Jon from another cool Asian cinema site and podcast,V Cinema. Then you guys will be treated to a phone call between Ken and actor/stuntman/comedian, John Kreng. Next up is a nice talk about the films of the rotund one, the wonderful Sammo Hung with Phil G. from Eastern Film Fans and friend of the show Mike Maley. And finally, a discussion on the sweet ass Korean film, THE CHASER, with Martin Cleary from New Korean Cinema. A movie so damn good that I once exclaimed, "I wish Hong Kong made it!" And then silently wept as I went back to watching a Jingle Ma film.


To hear the podcast, click on over to the Podcast On Fire site and donate to one of the charities listed. If you can't be bothered to go to the POF site (F you then!), click here, here, here, or here, and after donating, email proof of your receipt to Then and only then my friends will you have access to the super cool Podcast On Fire benefit show as Stoo will email you the download link. ALL of the $ donated goes directly to the relief fund! You will be helping out a wonderful cause and also have the pleasure of hearing my lovely voice stutter and stammer! Helping Japan AND making fun of me. Good times! Thanks so much for helping out everyone. I really hope you enjoy the show!

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