Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SAUSALITO (2000) SF film locations pt.6

Back to San Francisco for more SAUSALITO film locations. Above Maggie Cheung hangs out with her bratty son as she works on her wall mural in the SOMA district. Ok, so, Mags plays a cabbie in the film, has a beautiful home in Noe Valley, AND gets to deface private property with her so called 'art'? I'm in the wrong freakin' business. I guess being a SF cabbie is where it's at? The location where Mags 'creates' her crap 'art' is located on 6th street, just south of Howard St., west side.

After a night of imbibing Shirley Temples at the BackFlip Bar (took pics of that location as well, though the establishment is long gone), Leon Lai takes a tinkle on Maggies mural. I thought Leon squatted when he did his business? Maggie looks on from her cab and takes note for future reference.
Ok. Present day shot of where my Maggies mural was located, intersection of 6th St. and Howard St. Her mural is not there anymore but the building on which she pitched her paints is still adorned with graffiti-like artwork.

Above, Maggies son works her shoulders as a creepy scenario plays out on the streets of San Francisco. This view is northbound on 6th looking beyond Howard St.

The same shot as above, present day, looking northbound on 6th. Comparing the two pics you can see that the background has changed rather drastically as palm trees have been added to the sidewalk and a multi storied art-deco like building takes the place of the former dual-level establishment seen rising above Maggies incestuous shoulder rub from the film.
After seeing Leon sprinkle while taking his tinkle, Maggie commemorates the spot where he defaced her creation with his urine by adding a wee weeing puppy. Awwww. Love is in the air. The pungent asparagus smelling urine air.

And finally, a closeup of the location where Mags mural was, southbound on 6th, west side of the street. A ways down, laying on the sidewalk, an indigent gentleman, a San Francisco sidewalk staple, is accosted by two patrolmen.


  1. That last sentence is poetic and funny. You are making me want to dig out my copy of this DVD but, as I recall, it's not a great flick apart from Maggie. Might be the first thing I ever saw Leon in and it's been all downhill from there.

  2. Love your location posts, do you have more to do? I've got some HK ones to do when I get round to it.

  3. AHND, I do have a few more to do from San Fran. I have one or two from The Wesleys Mysterious File, a few from Alan And Eric, a few from Gates of Hell, and I think one or two more from Sausalito?

    Looking forward to your HK ones.


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