Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Night Quickie: Mail Call

Just a quickie, in betweener post here. Ms. Mail Lady delivered some fine HK crap for me this past week. Pictured above are the DVD's of Lee Kung-lok's MY MOTHER IS A BELLY DANCER and Yim Ho's WEST LAKE MOMENT. Proving that I actually do watch more than just CAT III films. My buddy Glenn from A PESSIMIST IS NEVER DISAPPOINTED, surprised me last weekend with this great care package. Glenn just got back from a nice vacay in HK and has been posting some HK stuff- videos and pics- on his blog. Click on over and check 'em out. Always a worthy stop on my blog roll.

To Sir, From Hong Kong, With Lust


We had a wicked snow storm a few days back (one I had the misfortune of working in) but Ms. Mail Lady came through big time a day earlier with the above dirty package all the way from Hong Kong. That bitch goddess Ebay had a bunch of pricey laserdiscs that were calling my name. Like a sirens song, I just couldn't resist these smutty titles. The discs now in my loving care are, THE ROMANCE OF THE VAMPIRES, FLAME OF DESIRE, FORBIDDEN LOVE, ENDLESS NIGHTMARE, and THE LEDGEN EROTIC MOVIE STAR (And yes. Ledgen is the correct spelling). I have seen all but ENDLESS NIGHTMARE and have briefly pointed you guys towards THE LEDGEN EROTIC MOVIE STAR last year in the same post as one of my X-mas gifts, I LOVE MISS FOX. Relive your loin tingling HERE.

Finally, my friend Coffin Jon and his team over at V Cinema are approaching their one year anniversary podcast and are running a contest. The winner gets a paid vacation to Thailand and all the under age ladyboys your lap can handle! OK. Not really. Click HERE for details. And if it's your first time visiting V Cinema, stroll around for a while. They are good guys with knowledge of Asian cinema. They even taught me that Japan and Korea actually have their own national cinema?!?!?! Who'da thunk it?


I'm working on a quick review or two of some CAT III awesomeness and I still have some HK/SF film locations to post as well. Plus, I have a butt load of movie posters, DVD's, VCD's, VHS, and laserdiscs to throw out here for ya'll to peruse and enjoy. All of this stuff will be coming sooner or later. Stay tuned.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I hope a lot of other bloggers don't expect me to mail them goodies too!

  2. Has Coffin Jon been able to convince you check out some of that crazy-good Korean cinema, Mr. King? You don't have to marry it or anything. :)

  3. Coffin Jon has NOT convinced me to check out some Korean Cinema. Can the Koreans make a film that runs UNDER 2 hours?! WTF?


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