Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Belated CAT III New Year!

Happy belated New Year, everyone! Still feeling a bit under the weather. That, coupled with the holidays, has seen me neglect this blog for some time. Slowly going to try and get back into things. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration? I tagged along with Wei and a few of her extended family members to the Poconos for some snow bound shenanigans. We rented a lake house and hit up a few ski mountains. Though I do have major medical insurance, I am not one for skiing. I like my limbs intact, thank you very much. Plus, I couldn't afford to be out of work with some silly ski injury. So, snow tubing it was. Good times acting like a 10 year old. Above is the back of my noggin looking out over the frozen waters outside of our lake house.
Headless pic of Wei and I ringing in the new year. I'm stylin' with my Gambling Vampire t-shirt, exclusively from Shelf Life Clothing. If you want to be cool like me, I suggest you pick one up. Mention my name while ordering, and you will get to pay the full price plus shipping. Shelf Life Clothing is the shit!
I was thinking of a quick and cool New Year's post but I obviously dropped the ball by going on vacation and almost forgetting I even had a blog. But, during my cold pharmaceutical haze, I noodled with ideas, and the thought of 'Baby New Year' cropped up. But how was I going to relate Baby New Year to HK cinema? Hmmmm? A baby? I know that I/we NEED HK cinema. But what do babies need? Hmmmm? Milk!!! But how am I going to incorporate HK cinema with milk? Hmmmm? BOOBIES! It's a natural progression, really. Thank you so very much Mr. Robitussin (with an assist by that bitch-goddess Ms.Nyquil) for all of your help. Veronica Yip Yuk-hing helps us celebrate the new year below. Taken from the title sequence of Cha Chuen Yee's 1991 CAT III comedy, TAKE ME, (also see my X-mas post below w/ a screen shot featuring Charlie Cho Cha-lee, taken from the same flick.) Veronica tells us her name. Take it away, Ronnie....

I shall call you, "nom nom nom nom nom"
A few weeks ago I posted a video of Wei and I Christmas shopping in C-town. The vid below is actually part 1. Wei and I hit up my favorite HK movie shopping spots and you again get to hear me narrate with my lovely NY accent. I don't actually go inside of any of the establishments as the shop owners frown on camera use. I do, however, take you down a few C-town streets while I stroll and stop outside of each HK flick spot. Hopefully this coming weekend I will get to play a little blog game called, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours. But only if you want to. No pressure. Really. Only if you feel comfortable. I don't want to make you do anything you feel uncomfortable with. I care about you too much," in which I will show you my X-mas swag. Santa and Wei were very good to me this year and I received some awesome Hong Kong goodies. Until then, enjoy the video! And again, HAPPY BELATED CAT III NEW YEAR!!!!!!


  1. Great video, KINGWHO?!

    Happy New Year to you!

    P.S. - Hope Veronica's feeling better, these days! ;o)

  2. Happy New year Kingwho? the screengrabs remind me of the Ting Tings song Thats not my name, all together now They call me milky, they call me busts, they call me breasts thats not my name ....

  3. Great tour. I can't wait to get up there again.

  4. Happy 2011, Kingwho?! Hope you have a fabulously horny new year.

    I got to get me one of those Gambling Vampire shirts. Very cool!

    BTW, love the current blog header. You East Coasters got us beat when it comes to Christmas lights.

  5. Fang, thanks! I think Veronica is doing a lot better these days. She's married to a real estate millionaire!

    AHND, hahaha I know that song. Too funny =)

    kngfu, NY awaits. Get up here and spend some cash on HK movies.

    duriandave, thanks so much. I need a horny year! I hope the same for you!

    A friend of mine makes the T-shirts, among other novelties, on his website. They are rather inexpensive and worth it. He's a great guy as well. I have bought a bunch of stuff. It's all quality goods and they are head turners.

    The header pic was actually taken last year, around the Chinese New Year. They set up the decorations around Thanksgiving and don't take them down until after Chinese New year. Does SF C-town do anything special?

    BTW, you said you were going to try and learn Mandarin this coming year. I am looking to get my feet wet and do the same. Any recommendations on how to go about it? Wei's family doesn't seem to want to help. I think they want to keep me in the dark as they make fun of me =P

    achillesgirl, indeed. Chin chin! =P

  6. yes Happy New Year and Merry Orthadox christmas!


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