Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Body Lover- 貼身情人 (1993)

One of my favorite posters here for the cheesy chic low budget booby-actioner, BODY LOVER, directed by Jeng Kin-ping.  The poster was a huge surprise in a great care package given to me by a buddy a few months back.   I love it oodles.  Kin-ping is only listed on the databases as having directed only 3 films; the beautiful nasty SUBURB MURDER, the excellent low class crime rump shaker, HONG KONG EVA, and it's kinda sequel, BODY LOVER.  Kin-ping has scored the perfect trifecta of heyday CAT III sleaze worthy of any rainy Sunday afternoon (or any other day for that matter) bullets and boobies HK film marathon.  In wonderful meager budget fashion, the first 5 or so minutes of BODY LOVER is the finale of HONG KONG EVA.  The stories and characters forwarded in BODY LOVER appear to be completely different than those from HONG KONG EVA, though a few of the same actors return.  All three of Kin-ping's opuses are fast, cheap, and outta control.  Seek them out and love them.  I posted about BODY LOVER once before.  Check that post out here.  Also, enjoy this silly overstated action scene featuring Julie Lee Wa-yuet as a fatal femme kicking some booty.  And she is fully clothed for a change!

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