Saturday, October 1, 2011

Magic Cop- 驅魔警察 (1990)

 MAGIC COP- (1990)
Pretty good lookin' poster for MAGIC COP, a well done black magic fun film circa 1990 and directed by the great actor/action director, Stephen Tung Wai.  No one eyebrowed Taoist priest this go-round for the wonderful Lam Ching-ying but a similar typecast role none the less as he plays a two eyebrowed Taoist priest/cop.  We get all of the Taoist spooks and spells associated with the best Lam Ching-ying efforts and some fun comedy provided by Michael Miu Kiu-wai and Wilson Lam Jun-yin as non believer buddy cops.  A bad ass Michiko Nishiwaki and Billy Chow Bei-lei tandem round out the cast as the freaky foils in this swift and entertaining heyday hocus pocus actioner.

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