Saturday, October 22, 2011

Podcast On Fire 97 - CITY ON FIRE special!

Still no THIS WEEK IN SLEAZE in sight but Sleazy K and I got together once again for a regular Podcast On Fire Episode 97.  But those looking for CAT III hijinx, don't fret.  I have a potty mouth and I use it!  It's our POF-COF show where we bs about the awesomeness that is CITY ON FIRE.  Nooooooo.  Not THAT CITY ON FIRE.  There's no Chow Yun-fat or Danny Lee in this episode.  But you will get talk-talk about Taiwanese Black Movies, Hwang Jang Lee and the wondrous IFD,  and the debut of the 'Hot Seat' where K puts me on the spot and grills me with life or death questions. 

Also debuting on this episode is Kingwho's? Clip of the Week.  You see, if you are cool and one of my Facebook chums, you would get to see all of the neato little clips I post.  I inundate your news feed with my silly nonsense and you have no damn choice but to like it!  Anyway, this week's clip is from the sorely underrated and mostly forgotten about action-comedy, BOGUS COPS from 1993.  Directed by and starring Beardy Kar-yan, this film also sports Eric Tsang Chi-wai acting like a horse's ass, AIDS humor (because AIDS is funny, don't ya know?) and the gosh dang drop dead gorgeous Veronica Yip Yuk-hing giving us a panty peek all the while vibrating as she sprays and prays with a big bad machine gun.  There's something for everyone!  Enjoy a little peek of BOGUS COPS, and Ronnie's panties, below.  See.  I keep it CAT III for you guys.  Listen to the goodness over @ the Podcast On Fire network.

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