Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fun Bags to Riches

The majority of the visitors to this blog...all 3 of you....already know the course Veronica Yip's HK film career took. From shedding her kit in soft porn Category III titilators and turd's to displaying her rather fine acting chops as a legit player, fully clothed, alongside some of HK's best actors. Yip disappeared in the mid 90's just as the HK film industry began to tank. I have long wondered what had happened to her? Well, a few years back I made my first visit to the Hong Kong Supermarket in Flushing. The place was packed. Teeming with people clamoring for all sorts of Asian groceries and treats. Curious about this wonderful place I did what everyone does when they need an answer. I Googled it. Who knew that my Veronica Yip query would be answered by searching for supermarket info!? Turns out, upon leaving the HK film industry, Veronica married wealthy Chinese-American businessman, Jeffrey Wu, and started a family. The couple own the very well known Hong Kong Supermarket chain, with stores throughout Asian communities in North America. The couple are also largely vested in banking and real estate ventures and are said to be worth quite A LOT of moolah. She has transformed herself from masturbation material to succesful businesswoman. Upon further investigation I found a most awesome nugget of gold. Veronica and family reside on Long Island. My neck of the woods. No actual location is given but no worries. I'm just happy to be in close proximity. Somewhere in Veronica's life story are themes of female empowerement. Whether it be by taking her top off for all to oogle or by becoming a genuine success by personal courage and perseverance....with just a tinge of nepotism. But you won't find Veronica's possible deep personal arc here in this story. Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm off to watch GIGOLO AND WHORE II.....again. Boobies.

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  1. That's great. Good research! She's still quite the looker isn't she. You should hunt her down for an interview or something. That would be rad!


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