Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mind Fuck (1990)

Before the days of the internet, when cine-idiots like myself needed a fix, we looked to the 'gray market' for a hit. The mail order catalogue was the flavor of the day and a great place to find your favorite rare and OOP flickers, all terribly transferred to SLP VHS. Unfortunately your cinema jonesin' had to wait 2-4 weeks for delivery. I dropped a pretty penny on the gray market back in the day but i'm happy to report that, for the most part, I have been clean for quite sometime. Though, admittedly, every once in a while I cook one up. I recently tortured myself by revisiting Mah Wu Tu's 1990 Hong Kong porno, Mind Fuck. I also took a few screen shots so you can see the awful transfer I mentioned earlier. And here's an old review I wrote once upon a gray market VHS binge....

Cross Sex and Zen's ancient Chinese cultural characteristics with The Devil In Miss Jones' production values and penetration and you have MIND FUCK . This Chinese porn is outrageous from start to finish, combining elements of almost every HK genre. Ghost story, hopping vampire, and canto-comedy are blended, though unevenly, with a bit of the old in-out. Like this films filthy contemporary , IMPETUS FIRE, MIND FUCK is chock full of degenerates. Though this one is a damn site more enjoyable. As in Impetus Fire, a bunch of ugly people with ugly genitalia follow the mind-numbing plot, getting down to the devils business on occasion. But here, the production value is quite good....for a porn. The plot is not worth mentioning (this is a porn! ), but there is a subplot involving a thief with some funny "toilet humor" thrown into the mix. The thief can't seem to stop passing gas after he eats bean curd, and is given the funniest line in the film,"I'm farting up a cyclone!" (seen screen shot). There are many camp attributes to MIND FUCK including the use of the same establishing shot throughout and some Jess Franco-like camera "tricks"(kaleidoscope). Some downsides to the production are the editing, for one, is atrocious (but again, it's a porn. Not THE 400 BLOWS. Which would have made a great porn title...) and when you're peddling t&a you need more of it. Would you believe that this is a character driven porno? Less story and more characters doin' the bump would have made it a worthwhile hour and a half. The production also boasts very easy to read green subtitles. Better than Impetus Fire, but that's not saying much.

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