Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ohhhhhh the fun you could have.....

For all of you holiday shoppers, I found these while browsing Ebay. Give your loved one's lasting holiday memories...or nightmares with these lifelike decapitated heads of eveyone's favorite Hong Kong thespians , Michael Fitzgerald Wong and Anthony Wong Chau -sang. Reenact your favorite scenes from such Hong Kong classic's as BEAST COPS and HOUSE OF FURY!
Anthony Wong's doll face looks way too clean. If you notice, Michael's doll face is more pock marked than Anthony's face in real life! As per the Ebay listing, Michael Wong's "Head is painted and unmodified (no hole in neck)! Head is made of solid resin, and will fit most 12" figures with minor modification!" The listing also states that this is a toy and NOT real! Seriously.


  1. WTF? These are scary. Do you think they would fit on a Barbie body?....

  2. There's only one way to find out? Bid! Maybe they would fit on a Ken doll and you can reverse the stereotype about Caucasian girls never dating Asian guys. :P


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