Sunday, December 6, 2009

Story of Ricky (1992)

A few poster images from Nam Nai-choi's much beloved 1992 action-gore flick "STORY OF RICKY" starring Fan Siu-wong, William Ho Ka-kui, Yukari Oshima, Frankie Chin Chi-leung, and Philip Kwok Chung-fung. Fan Siu-wong seemed to suffer a bit as HK cinema took a turn for the worse in the mid to late 90's. He found himself in a ton of low budget garbage, some of which I happened to enjoy (So what if I liked Spy Gear, The Story of Freeman, and Unbeatables? Sue me), but appears to be making a comeback in legit productions. The past few years Fan has been seen making the grade in films like The Moss, Ip Man, Connected, Split Second Murders, and On His Majesty's Secret Service. He can also be seen in the upcoming Future X-Cops, Ip Man 2 as well as the Ip Man prequel, Once Upon a Chinese Classic, and Flirting Scholar 2. Welcome back Fan Siu-wong. HK action cinema looks a lot brighter with him in the fold.


  1. Any chance you would be interested in trading the Story of Ricky poster for another Poster? I would also be interested in buying it(for a reasonable amount), assuming you are interested. I have been looking for this poster for some time and am really happy to see another fan of Hong Kong Cinema managed to track one down. Any chance you still have it?

    My email is

    Please let me know if you are interested


  2. Hello, Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I am not interested in giving up my Story of Ricky poster. I thought I had 2 of them but it turns out I only have one. But, you might be in luck. There is a great HK movie poster website that has the same poster I do, and they are selling it for only $20! I've used the site before and They are very good.

    Do you collect HK movie posters too? What posters do you have?

    Thanks for getting in touch.


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