Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brothers of the world, UNITE!

All the while i'm traipsing around NYC in attempts to locate some Hong Kong movie locations, the guys over at the wonderful and indispensable HK movie site, Hong Kong Cinemagic, have been doing the same thing with locations in Hong Kong! Thomas Podvin and Gary Wong have compiled an awesome stack of photos from famous HK movie locations. They, as always, have gone the extra mile for HK cinema lovers like us. A wise man once said, "Great minds think alike......about HK Cinema!" That guy was right!

Please head on over to Hong Kong Cinemagic and check out their project. See locations from A BETTER TOMORROW, CHUNGKING EXPRESS, INFERNAL AFFAIRS, and IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE. Plus much, much more. The project is still being completed and fine tuned. Thomas even asked little old me if I could provide some of my film location pics. And of course I am going to. Anything for HK cinema. I'm still amazed at the excellent job the Cinemagic crew did. Check it out now!
Thank you Hong Kong Cinemagic!


  1. Thanks for your blog and for the link. You enthousiasm is really heartwarming. As you said it still needs a bit of fine-tuning. Doesn't look that much but Google Maps can be very hard to embed and format properly. So this is a beta version, and hopefully we should get all the glitches sorted soon. Thanks again and keep the love for HK flicks:)

  2. Very nice indeed. I think I've got photos taken from that footbridge in North Point and I've got interior shots of the Goldfinch. There's a bus depot in Jordan (?) that was used in Lost in Time that I could probably find again the next time I'm over there. It's near the Breaking News apartment block, I think.

  3. Hi Glenn, cool to see you here! Yes if you have shots that would be great. You can send them to us directly :) contact [at] hkcinemagic [dot] com


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