Monday, June 28, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice in NYC Chinatown

In April 2009 my fiance (I think this word sounds silly, so I don't plan on using it much) and I went into to Chinatown for dinner and DVD/VCD shopping. After a long and cold winter the warm air began to pop up and walking around C-town became more tolerable. During our travels we came across Eldridge St. at the corner of Division St. and the above scene. I immediately remembered a news report from a few days prior stating that Nicolas Cage was in the city shooting scenes for his upcoming Disney film, THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. I wasn't entirely sure if this set up was for the film, but after I enquired it was confirmed that this set up was in fact for the Cage film. I took a few shots from the closed off street/set. Also came across a really cool prop that was to be used in the film (pic below). So, as THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE is about to be unleashed on the film going public, I figure I would give ya'll a glimpse of one of the sets used. I probably won't see the film. It's not my cup of tea. If any of you do see the film, let me know if you come across this c-town set up.

We kept our eyes peeled for a glimpse of Nic Cage but we couldn't spot anyone with a rats nest hairdo. After the thrill was gone we made our way to my usual HK DVD/VCD haunts, spent $ I didn't have on way too many HK movies, then tried a new spot for dinner. We contemplated hitting our favorite eatery, Big Wong's, but decided to try Big Wong's sister location just up the street, Big Wing Wong's. Same greasy chopstick atmosphere and same cheap and tasty food. Pretty nice spring day in Chinatown.


  1. "In April 2009 my fiance (I think this word sounds silly, so I don't plan on using it much)"

    It can sound odd...but wait until you are first married and at a wedding or party with people you know and she doesn't. The first few times you use the phrase "and this is my wife ________" you may think to yourself "What did I just say?"

  2. ewaffle: I never liked when someone is introduced as a 'fiance'. I'm not sure why? It just sounds ridiculous? But your comment made me laugh and think about an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry is pretending to be married to Courtney Cox so he can get a family discount on his dry cleaning. He tells Kramer how much he enjoys saying the word 'wife'...

    Jerry: "And I'll tell ya, I'm really enjoying this marriage thing. You think about each other. You care about each other. It's wonderful! Plus, I love saying "my wife." Once I started saying it, I couldn't stop - "my wife" this, "my wife"'s an amazing way to begin a sentence.

    KRAMER: "My wife has an inner ear infection."

    JERRY: See?


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