Sunday, June 27, 2010

NYAFF Day 3 tease

Woke up this morning and felt like garbage. Got out of bed and shook the cobwebs out. Get it together! It's day 3 of the NYAFF! There will be time for sleep when I'm dead! Or later on tonight when I get home? Going back and forth from way out on Long Island to the city for the passed few days has been rough. But it's for a good cause. It's for the kids. So, I hopped on the LIRR, made my way into the big city, and cabbed it up to Lincoln Center.
I had a ticket to STORM WARRIORS but I had to bail for a special assignment. I met a buddy of mine at the theater. He runs another great film blog, HK and Cult Film News. So, as the story goes.....last week my buddy contacted me and said that he was in touch with 'someone' at the festival about possibly interviewing one of the celebrities that were going to appear at opening weekend. They gave him the green light. I assume that he knew my affection for HK cinema and my NY location and that is why he asked if I would like to tag along as a photographer? Maybe click a few pics as he spoke with one of the lucky actors? I was overjoyed that he thought of me. I honestly only know him through the beast that is facebook. So, you see folks? Social networking sites DO do good for people. They're not just for sexual predators. Anyway, I quickly accepted and upped the ante. I got my hands on a camcorder and things were looking up. Things began to look way up when we discovered that we would be interviewing one of my HK idols, Simon Yam tat-wah!!!!! History was made today folks. Cheesy HK cinema blog history. Wait until you see this video. All I did was press record, stand back, watch Simon, and wet myself. I'm the Peter Pau of video blog interviews. The interview went well but the video is so bad it's awesome! It fits my rag tag blog perfectly and I'm immensely proud of it. I hope to have it up sometime soon. HK and Cult Film News will also have the interview. If you haven't yet, check that site out. I'm a daily visitor. Here's the link:
OK, so back to the fest. After the best damn interview you will ever see occurred, it was movie time. I stuck around for BODYGUARDS & ASSASSINS + the companion documentary DEVELOPMENT HELL. I had already seen B&A and enjoyed it. So much more exciting on the big screen. DEVELOPMENT HELL, about the cursed production of B&A, wasn't the greatest document i've seen but in parts was very interesting and did a serviceable job in covering the unfortunate occurrences that shrouded the film and mostly director Teddy Chen Tak-sum. Some more lovely things happened to me today but I will leave that for a later date. Remember that sleep I was talking about at the beginning of the post? It's time. Tomorrow it's back to reality.

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