Friday, February 12, 2010

I Love Maria (1988)

I Love Maria

Sally Yeh

Tony Leung Chiu-wai

Tsui Hark

John Shum Kin-fun

The kids are alright....

Valentine's Day is just around the bend so I thought I would throw out a poster with the word LOVE in the title. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, LOVE AMOEBA STYLE, LOVE TO KILL, LOVE IS OVER???? Nah. Some poster images from the totally cool 1988 sci-fi/action/comedy/romance flicker I LOVE MARIA, directed by David Chung Chi-man. If you have found yourself at this blog you well know that HK cinema lacks an actual Science Fiction "genre" ( I say the word genre with air quotations because I find it difficult to catagorize sci-fi as a genre...but that might be a story for another time. Or maybe one of your queries?) Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know there have been a few HK films with a sci fi milieu, THE FINAL TEST, FUTURE HERO, and maybe WICKED CITY and ROBOTRIX. I'm sure there are a few more that I know of or have seen but it's late, this is all I can come up with, and I don't care to search the net because i'm too lazy. Anywho, I LOVE MARIA is an excellent film all around. There is nary a stray note in the production and it is a fun, silly, exciting, and loopy time.

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