Friday, February 5, 2010

Ladies Killer (1992)

Poster for the 1992 Cat III crime-thriller LADIES KILLER. The film was written and directed by Do Gong-yue who also wrote and lensed 2 other Cat III films, the 1986 horror flick BLOOD SORCERY aka CURSE and the 1988 horror pic THE DEVIL SORCERY. This adult effort star Carrie Ng Kar-lai, Rena Otomo, Tong Chun-chung, Chung Fat, and my main man Melvin Wong Gam-san. You almost get some of the good stuff in this poster but the naughty bits are rudely slashed out. The alternative light blue Cat III symbol is always welcome but to me appears to be a misnomer. With the films title and premise the blood red Cat III symbol seems the right fit. But i'm not complaining. I'll take the symbol in any color. It usually means a good time.

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