Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Killer (1989)

The Killer

Mickey Mouse vs. Dumbo

An old poster I bought in the early stages of my HK cinema obsession. Probably around late 1995ish? John Woo's 1989 cinema classic THE KILLER. If you are not schooled in the ways of THE KILLER, then you are in the wrong place. Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your HK cinema journey. Come back anytime. Take care now. Hope to see you soon. Godspeed.
I think I bought this poster from the Saturday Matinee movie store in the local mall. The store is long gone. The prices there were outrageous but it was the only place around my area to get Tai Seng VHS. I remember buying THE KILLER, HARD BOILED, FULL CONTACT, THE BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR I & II, GREEN SNAKE, THE HEROIC TRIO, THE EXECUTIONERS, POLICE STORY, and SEX AND ZEN. They only offered these titles and once they were gone they never came back in stock. They were also about 40 bucks a pop! So...10 x 40=???? Yes. I did spend that much on 10 movies. But I can't get into the large fortune that I have blown on my obsession. Oh where I could be sitting right now? Probably a nice home in a beautiful area. Fine furnishings. Wife. Children. Instead of living in a basement apartment in a questionable area. Old, ratty couch with permanent butt imprints in the cushions. No wife. No children. But DAMN!!! I have a TON of HK movies!!! So, it kinda evens out.


  1. Oh Wow! Sam Goody! I bought a bunch of Jet Li Tai Seng VHS from them one year. They were selling his early stuff like Born to Defence, Shaolin Temple, and Dragons of the Orient. The only two newer movies, well they were new at the time, were High Risk and Hitman. When they went out of business I tried to buy a huge cardboard cut out of Jet Li but they wouldn't sell it to me.


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