Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mr. Postman look and see, oh yeeeeaaaah, if there's a box of HK goodies for me....

That dirty enchantress who keeps shoving her irresistible HK goodies in my face strikes again! Ebay. That naughty minx took my money and ran again, but instead of a social disease and drug store run for antibiotics and 'special' shampoo, she left me a box full of Shaw Brothers! Hooray!

Ok. So LAUGHING TIMES isn't a Shaw title. So what of it? The rest of the box is chock full. Above, along with John Woo's 1980 comedy LAUGHING TIMES (which after I purchased, realized I already had this exact dvd) are the early 80's comedy/fantasy MY DARLING GENIE, with Derek Yee Tung-sing and the sorely missed Cherie Chung Cho-hung, and the 1980 adult drama THE STUD AND THE NYMPHO. Guess which one I will be watching first?

The 1976 comedy LOVE SWINDLER, stars Yueh Hua (who to me looks like Patrick Tam Yiu-man. Are they related?) and a bevy of Shaw's stable of 70's beauties including, Shirley Yu Sha-li, Siu Yam-yam, Chen Ping, and Dana. 1975's BIG BROTHER CHENG is the follow up to the excellent 1974 triad/ comedy/ social commentary-drama THE TEAHOUSE, both starring Big Brother Chen Kuan-tai. Overjoyed that I finally get to see the sequel. Just loved THE TEAHOUSE to bits. Next up is the 1984 comedy/ ghost/ fantasy A FRIEND FROM INNER SPACE, starring Ti Lung, Josephine Siao Fong-fong, Sek Kin, and Nat Chan Pak-cheung. A few months ago, via my lovely lady Ebay, I was able to pick this film up on VHS as well.

The 1980 crime flick MURDER PURSUES looks like a goodie. It stars Danny Lee Sau-yin, Ray Lui Leung-wai, Kent Cheng Jak-si, and Parkman Wong Pak-mak. This one immediately jumps to the front end of the queue on name talent alone. After THE STUD AND THE NYMPHO, of course. Chor Yuen directs 1975 crime actioner, THE BIG HOLDUP. This one stars Chen Kuan-tai, Yueh Hua, Danny Lee Sau-yin, and Lam Jan-kei. Jan-kei is the freaky star from Tsui Hark's, DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS-1ST KIND aka DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE. Once you see her mug you'll never forget it. I still can't shake the scenes of her mouse-al abuse. Poor little mice. And finally, the 1975 action/ drama THE TAXI DRIVER. I have always been interested in the film because of the title being similar to my favorite American film, TAXI DRIVER. The Shaw title came out a year before and is most likely world's apart from what Scorcese put on display. We shall see.


  1. Oh God, don't get me started on Shirley Yu! I have a bit of a jones for her! I watched most of her Shaw titles, I think, and that one is one of the better ones. Is that the one with the crazy steamy love scene with her and Yueh Hua?

    I have an extra DVD -- SEALED -- of My Darling Genie. If you want it, e-mail me and we'll see if we can work out a trade before you open that VCD. It's a cute, classic Cherie flick in some ways.

  2. Shirley Yu? Ai Ti has her beat in every way! The Stud and the Nympho is ok but don't get your hopes or anything else up too much - pretty mild as were most of those Lu Chi Shaw films.

    Are these films that much cheaper on Ebay than if you bought over the Internet or are they just OOP. I was amazed when I looked the other day and people were selling used dvds for almost full price.

  3. Glenn, the copy of My Darling Genie I have is already open. But I might be interested in a sealed DVD? What trade did you have in mind?
    I have seen about 6 or so Shirley Yu films and she is pretty foxy.

    Brian, I am hoping The Stud and The Nympho is at least a little what I expect it is. I'm not hoping for anything like a Ho Fan directed film. And Ai Ti is also a stunner.

    Ebay is hit and miss. You really have to search for the good and rare stuff. Some stuff, like newer films, are overpriced. But if you don't mind used items, there are a few sellers that sell new titles cheap. OOP titles are also hit and miss. Sometimes people don't really know what they have and offer them for cheap. But collectors usually pounce and drive the price high. Sometimes it's just better to stick with online stores. Especially when they are having clearances.


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