Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Rules of The Game (1999)

The Rules of the Game

Koo, Lee, Fong, Uncle Sexy

Lui, Yeung, So


Cool poster for the 1999 CAT III triad drama THE RULES OF THE GAME, directed by Steve Cheng Wai-man. The film stars the George Hamilton of HK, (he of the ever present tan and impenetrable hairdo) Louis Koo Tin-lok, Alex 'Jet Pack' Fong Chung-sun, Sam Lee Chan-sam, Kristy Yeung Kung-yu, Edmond So Chi-wai, Frankie Ng Chi-hung, and Simon Lui Yu-yeng. A finely paced triad flick with very good acting, THE RULES OF THE GAME was a nice breath of fresh air when it was released into the midst of a downward trending HK cinema. Director Cheng seemed to be hitting his stride around this time, debuting with the entertaining Simon Yam Tat-wah flick MAN WANTED and having his hand in the original TROUBLESOME NIGHT before directing this triad opus. He went on to direct a few genre goodies like EROTIC NIGHTMARE and the Horoscope films, HOROSCOPE I: THE VOICE FROM HELL and HOROSCOPE II: THE WOMAN FROM HELL. He's had his fare share of limp films, one that springs to mind is BIO-COPS. After seeing BIO-ZOMBIE and loving that film to pieces I figured another film in the same vein with the word 'Bio' in the title would be equally as cool. I still can't shake that shitter from my mind and it it's been a decade since watching it. As HK cinema continued it's downward spiral, so did Cheng's career. He directed the American Idol reject William Hung film, WHERE IS MAMA'S BOY?, in 2005 and should have just receded from society then. Cheng did, however, come back a year later to direct an almost good film. The 2006 adult actioner LETHAL ANGELS, starring Jordan Chan Siu-chun. A promising film that channeled the early 90's CAT III actioners combining bullets and boobies, which you know I enjoy, but was a tired attempt. Take another look at the poster. Notice how Alex Fong Chung-sun's head appears to be superimposed onto his body. Cheesy looking but rather cool anyway.
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