Friday, March 26, 2010

One night in C-town makes a hard man humble....and broke

The gf and I were in C-town last night for dinner with cousin 'R' and some HK movie shopping. We hadn't been in Chinatown for about 2 months because we have a lot of things in the hopper and we're trying to save some money. So, I was only planning on maybe picking up a few newer titles and maybe a handful of bargain bin garbage. No such luck. As you can see by the above pic, I went large. Spent approximately $150 and came back with 24 posters, 15 laser discs, 14 DVD's, and 10 VCD's. I'm weak. I just couldn't resist. A few of the newer titles I picked up are LITTLE, BIG SOLDIER, TRUE LEGEND, BAD BLOOD, 14 BLADES, and TREASURE HUNTER. The older titles, some DVD, some VCD, are: LOVE @ FIRST NOTE, FRACTURED FOLLIES, I WANNA BE YOUR MAN, TILL DEATH DO WE START, THE FIRST TIME IS THE LAST TIME, FOX SPIRIT, WHITE HAIRED DEVIL LADY, and the Shaw Bros. drama SUNSET, directed by Inoue Umetsugu. A few of the laser disc titles: AH FAI THE DUMB, FIRST LOVE UNLIMITED, HAPPY TOGETHER (the Max Mok version), ORGANIZED CRIME & TRIAD BUREAU (x2), CAUSE WE ARE SO YOUNG, and TOUCH AND GO. Couldn't pass up the laser discs. They were a buck each! (thanks for the reminder Ian! I shall now blame you for my $ woes.)

As for the posters, they are mostly of newer films from the past few years. I hope to eventually get ALL of them up on the blog. Some of the posters: CONFUCIUS, MAD DETECTIVE, KUNG FU CYBORG, WARRIORS, RED CLIFF (including a gigantic wall banner of Tony Leung Chiu-wai!!!), ON HIS MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, WRITTEN BY, ACCIDENT (x2), NIGHT AND FOG and TRUE WOMEN FOR SALE. There are others and I hope to show them to you!


  1. Bloody hell! Sunset! On legit DVD? Arrggh, I'm jealous.

    I am happy that I'm not the only white guy who purchased Love at First Note. I felt like a pervert buying that at some half-bootleg/half-legit shop near here but that Kary Ng is darn cute.

  2. Glenn, I got the Celestial VCD of Sunset. For $2!

    I was more interested with Love @ First Note bc Dennis Law directed it. Considering the themes of his later films I just find it odd that this is and The Unusual Youth are in his repetoire.

  3. I did a little shopping venture in CT this week as well. Mainly old stuff for $6. Got home and realized I already had 4 of them! I need to start taking a list with me as I get older.

  4. Brian, I take a list with me and I still come back with doubles and triples!? I'm going to post a picture of the book that I use to the HK films that I own and have watched.

    So, did you get anything good?


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