Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Bloody Angle

Yet another video of Doyers St. in NYC Chinatown. The Bloody Angle. A few posts back I showed you guys a video of the intersection of Doyers St. and Pell St. where shoot-out scenes in the films NEW YORK, CHINATOWN and KING OF NEW YORK took place. I took this video last July as my gf and I patrolled C-town for Hong Kong flicks and food. I also posted this video on my Facebook page last year so those of you who are FB friends may have seen it before. There is a little commentary on the video but non of it is film related. I do briefly mention that I might buy some DVD's and VCD's, so that makes it blog worthy. I guess? The video shows my gf and I walking up The Bloody Angle from the Chatham Square/Bowery area to Pell St. and down toward Mott St. The chatter in the background is my gf speaking to her mother on the phone. And, again, my gf makes an appearance and even mugs for the camera. Enjoy

This past week I have gone back to check on a few other HK films lensed in NYC and discovered that in Mabel Cheung's AN AUTUMN'S TALE, there is a very brief scene, about 10 seconds long, where Chow Yun-fat is kicking a can down a dark street. That street is actually Doyer's St. I posted the scene below. Fast forward to about the 1:47 mark. EnjoyI am currently trying to identify locations in other HK films made in NYC. It's proving tough since most of the films are about 20 years old. I'm trying though! Hopefully when the weather becomes warmer I will venture out to some locations and start shooting again. Stay tuned.


  1. I watched that Autumn's Tale clip and I remember that when I viewed that scene, I thought for sure that that street Chow Yun-Fat was on was a set! Thanks for that video to prove me wrong!

  2. No problem Glenn! I hope to get out this summer and do more.


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