Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kung Fu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction (2009)

Kung Fu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction

Optimus Lame
Oy Vey! Ho hum poster to the super shitty 2009 action pic KUNG FU CYBORG: METALLIC ATTRACTION. For me, director Jeff Lau Chun-wai has been a hit and miss filmmaker throughout his 20+ year career. He has made some wonderful comedies over the years, even hooking up with Stephen Chow Sing-chi for some great fun. This turd is overly ambitious and fails the sign o' the times. While ripping off U.S. films isn't anything new, HK's use of awful CGI in almost every damn film, even drama pieces, is disconcerting. I am not a fan of CGI and when I see it used it far removes me from the film. Like hooking up with a gorgeous girl who is generously endowed. Mother nature has blessed her. You are about to get down to the devils business.....and you discover her large assets are fake! Your excitement fades and you just go through the motions to complete your mission. That is how I feel when I see garbage like KUNG FU CYBORG. Initial excitement to what might be? Then falling limp to the truth, struggling to the finish line. OK. Maybe it's just me. CGI's use has increased in the past dozen or so years, replacing innovation....and a little wire work, to achieve action. This is not good.

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