Saturday, April 24, 2010

Devil's Love...CAT III Certified!

Devil's Love

Some years ago I purchased these lobby cards to the 1992 CAT III film DEVIL'S LOVE. Along with the lobby cards came the above photocopy of an actual Hong Kong Film Censorship Ordinance Certificate of Approval. I have only seen these in miniature on the back of Mei Ah VCD's so this was a wonderful bonus to my purchase. And it's a CAT III certificate too! The VCD of the film was also part of the purchase and as there isn't much info around on the film I figured my next post will be a small write up and some screen shots for you guys. The film is right up my alley. A heyday shitter. For now, just enjoy these less than titillating lobby cards.

Great big lobby cards. Uncut.

Hi Daddy!

Category III is for me!

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