Saturday, April 17, 2010

A little C-town film history.....

A few months back I posted pics from the HK film NEW YORK, CHINATOWN, comparing filming locales from 1982, the year the movie was made, with up to date photos taken in 2009. This past weekend in Chinatown I made a small video around the intersection of Doyers St. and Pell St. in C-town (with my asinine sounding New Yawker accent commentary) speaking a tad about the film and locale. The same locale was also used for a shootout scene in the 1990 Abel Ferrara flick KING OF NEW YORK. You will also get to see my gf who was an extra in this video.

Below are links to my original comparative post of NEW YORK, CHINATOWN as well as a link to the Chinatown scene from KING OF NEW YORK (won't let me embed). Enjoy.




  1. Good stuff! I haven't been to NYC since '98 but i'm hoping to come back next year. I loved Chinatown and your clip was great. More little film trips around C-town please!

  2. Thanks Dan! I'm trying to place locations of some other HK films made around NYC. The films are old and some of the locations are tough to distinguish but i'm trying! Thanks again.

  3. Yeah, thanks for the glimpse of NY Chinatown! Believe it or not, I've never been to New York (shame on me).


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