Friday, April 2, 2010

Warlords (2007)

Takeshi Zhivago in Warlords

I recently (last week) picked up this poster from my favorite movie joint in NYC Chinatown, NY Music & Gifts. Peter Chan's 2007 WARLORDS has FINALLY gotten a proper release here in NY, 2+ years after it's original release. Cinema Village on East 12th St. is the place to be. Last years NYAFF screened this awesome war epic and I only missed it there because I already saw it on DVD. And I was lazy and didn't feel like getting my fat ass off of my sofa to head into the city and see it. I'm sure I mentioned before on this blog that I am a lazy fat body? I'm sure I did. WARLORDS is probably the best Chinese war epic, save for RED CLIFF, in the past 10 or so years. Brutal stuff.


  1. Apart from Andy Lau's weird beard and that crying/laughing montage, I enjoyed the film too. It would look better on a big screen I bet. Nice to see a non-wuxia epic for a change.

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