Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Swag

After a few weeks off for holiday craziness, i.e. laziness, I am back with a few updates. Santa, aka my girlfriend, must have thought I was a berry berry good little boy this year and hooked me up with a whopping 111 Hong Kong flicks! This ups my collection to 2,284 total...give or take a few. When my apartment stops looking like a public storage facility I will get a true count. Someday.....someday. Anyway Santa Girlfriend's haul includes a few newer titles like Herman Yau's SPLIT SECOND MURDERS and REBELLION, Johnny To's VENGEANCE, Soi Cheang's ACCIDENT, Wong Jing's ON HIS MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, Louis Koo and Lau Ching-wan's POKER KING,and the Roy Chow shitter MURDER starring Aaron Kwok. God awful film.....god awful. Some Shaw Bros. titles: the 1968 action flick GUN BROTHERS, Yueh Hua in SWEET IS REVENGE, the 1982 comedy ROLLS, ROLLS I LOVE YOU, and the 1968 mystery THE 5 BILLION DOLLAR LEGACY. A few of the cooler vcd titles: Chow Yun-fat in SEE BAR, Ronny Yu's SAVIOR, Chen Kuan-tai's DANGEROUS PERSON, the Tsui Hark produced DECEPTION, a few Dick Wei crappers MAGIC MOD and A KILLING ORDER, and the lovely Simon Loui title BEWARE OF THE STRIPTEASE.

I also scored a Laserdisc of the great UNDERGROUND BANKER. Up until this point I have stayed away from LD's. For one, I don't have a Laserdisc player. Though the main reason is that my dvd/vcd/vhs/poster mania keeps me poor. Moths fill my wallet more than dollars. If I start collecting LD's I will have to apply for WIC. Sooooo, yeah. On second thought.....maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea? I saw a few cool LD's on ebay.


  1. I have seen laser disc players for free or very cheap ($25) on craigslist.

    By the way: you're insane! so many movies!

  2. Hahaha Thanks Sylvia. I AM insane...or so I keep being told. I have seen laserdisc players for dirt cheap too. But i've seriously shied away from buying one because it will be a gateway to draining my bank account. Laserdisc's aren't cheap. But I'm considering keeping my eye out for rare discs or of films that I don't have in other formats.


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