Sunday, January 10, 2010

Damn! You have one sweet box!

The USPS must know that I become giddy everytime I recieve one of these huge packages. I say this because if you notice, written on the front side of the box is the word 'gay'. How did they know I become immensly excited when I see big packages? I love big packages. Enormous and bursting with inner goodness. OK. I'll stop that now. Anyway, the whore that is Ebay strikes again! This is the fourth box o' HK vhs I have had delivered in the past month. This most recent box of happiness arrived yesterday and it's contents pushed my collection past the 2,300 mark. Oh happy day! Some pics below....

The Comedy, Women on the Run, Anger Girl

Slickers vs. Killers, Black Hawk Messenger, On the Run

Little Hero on the Run, Sea Eagle, Innocent Killer

Feud of a Couple, Live and Die in H.K., Mission Recall

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