Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Arm of the Law II (1987)

Poster images for the 1987 film "LONG ARM OF THE LAW II". The second film in the Mak bros. excellent crime trilogy. Alex Man Chi-Leung, Elvis Tsui Kam-kong, Ben Lam Kwok-bun, and Pauline Wong Siu-fung star.


  1. I didn't think these movies were excellent :( (but I never saw #3). My thought after watching #1 and #2 was: these are just a bunch of action scenes that they had to try to write a story around.

    Yes, some of the action is memorably awesome! But action without meaning is always second rate, to me...

  2. Really? I enjoyed all 3 quite a bit. I am biased though. I feel that the majority of HK action is meaningless and it's just part of their film culture and is shoved into every genre imaginable to satisfy film goers.


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