Thursday, January 7, 2010

This guy's a collector

Ever wonder what 2,284 Hong Kong movies looks like? I'm sure you have. So to satisfy your HK movie lovin' minds here is a pic of my public storage unit/ living room. It's a sickness! This pic actually includes doubles, triples, and quadruples of HK films that I have which brings the total well above the 2,300 mark. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have issues. I know. One of these days i'm gonna get organazized. As my collection grew my apartment(s) did not. Someday I hope to have them nicely on display. A 'coming out' party of sorts. And I will cry. Like a proud papa.


  1. Thank you Sylvia. Yes. Yes it is.

  2. I recognize your Underground Banker ld, even though the pic isn't clear. should I be proud of that?

  3. Of course you should be proud of that! Never be ashamed about your Underground Banker knowledge.


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