Wednesday, January 27, 2010

VCD Junk

Forsaken Cop, See Bar, Give and Take...Oh Shit!

Savior, Our Last Day, Story of Prostitutes

Blood Stained Tradewinds, Behind The Curtain, Kung Fu Master is My Grandma

Just a random sampling of some vcd's from my collection. A few goodies in this bunch. I must own over a thousand vcd's. I probably have more vcd's in my collection than any other format. I love the cheap look that the transfer offers it's films. The films appear more gritty, sweaty, and life-like. I also like that they are less expensive than other formats. Which is probably why I own so many? Because along with my laziness, my cheap bastardness is unsurpassed.


  1. I love VCD's! I know people who refuse to watch them (snobs!), but the graininess and embedded double subtitles are all part of the charm for me. And hey, at $4 a pop, you can easily say "Why not?".

  2. VCD's just rule. The graininess and sometimes unreadable subs makes me love HK cinema even more. It's just genius to have a format so cheap that can easily be sold and understood by Cantonese and Mandarin speaking people.

  3. I have to agree with you. The cheap look of vcd's make me watch them even more. Besides some movies have been released on vcd's onlt. So VCD is the king format!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Don. I own more HK vcd's than any other format. I just love them. They are king!


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